We started out with a compromise and ended up with so much better. Marnie was extremely knowledgable of the Clearwater area and flexible with our schedule and our daughter’s schedule for showings. We had been living in a hotel room since our move from LA and were ready to call someplace our own. Marnie was extremely determined and helped guide us toward our ideal home. We wouldn’t have found it without her help.


My wife, Nicole, and I were needing to find a home in Clearwater. She was transferring to another branch in Largo for her job and our lease was up at the end of January. She also starts this job January 28th.

We were renting a house in Auburndale, FL (15 minutes before Disney on I-4). We knew we wanted a house, not an apartment. We were done with that chapter of our lives. So we embarked on what soon turned into a nightmare.  We soon discovered that for the same amount of money we were spending on rent, and for the square footage, that we were in for a rude awakening. It was too small or in a part of town I wouldn’t want to call home.
We were starting to panic. The sand in the hourglass was getting to be less and less. We quickly figured out we needed to buy not rent. But we had a foreclosure in the past and we didn’t know any realtors.
Enter Marnie.
After a brief discussion, she told us with confidence that she’d find us a house within 30 days. She immediately started sending us houses with our requirements and in our price range. We would make our selections and she’d make a plan of attack on houses to see. We’d meet up at a Starbucks and Marnie would take us around town seeing as many houses as possible! With every house, she’s tell us what was nearby and point out things we wouldn’t normally notice.
Marnie was always in constant contact with Nicole and I. Asking us what we liked and what was a “No”.
We finally landed on a house that was just the right size, price and location. It was equidistant to both our jobs and to downtown Clearwater. We fell in love right away and put an offer on the house. There were several hurdles we had to go through during the close. All the while, Marnie was there to help and support us.
Marnie Trainor is the epitome of what a realtor should be and what every realtor should arrive to be. Her people skills and ability to dial in on what you’re looking for is uncanny.
Oh, and by the way, Marnie helped us find a home AND close it within her 30-day promise.

Steve Tapia