Are you living
in your ideal home?

What does your ideal house look like?

This is my ideal house, it took me 13 years to find it because my husband and I weren’t sure exactly what our ideal house looked like.

I grew up professionally in the real estate business, cutting my teeth on sales deals in the millions; high-rise office/residential buildings and strip malls, all over the country in the 1990s.  Then, I took 16 years homeschooling my kids.  I was a public school kid so I had to fill in all my educational gaps so that I could teach and graduate my kids with certainty and a good conscience.  Each of my kids learn differently.  It taught me personal integrity and observational skills like nothing else can.  I take everything I have and know about personal relationships, investments and the current real estate market to get you in the ideal house for you.

Once I fully understand exactly what you’re looking for, it takes me 3 days on average to find your ideal home!

Wake up happy everyday.
Happiness IS owning your ideal home.

I would like to help you.